Technical Rider

Fractal Film is designed to be shown as a gallery installation in a dark room on a large projection HD screen with seats and quality sound, in a cinema-like atmosphere. The duration is infinite, the audience comes and leaves freely.


Space : dark, like a small movie theater
Computer : Macintosh Intel high end (minimum = 2.3 GHz, i7 quad core) (to be provided)
Sound system, stereo, adapted to space, plugged to computer (to be provided)
Videoprojector Full HD (1920 x 1080), geometry and lumen adapted to space, DVI/HDML connections (to be provided)
Hard drive SSD containing media and program (provided by artists)

Installation and startup

Setup room, projector, computer (hidden) and sound system. Set computer to never go to sleep, remove screen savers. Set resolution to full HD (1920×1080)
Plug the provided hard drive to computer
Start the program
Leave running. It is not a loop, it is a generative program : always different.